The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood is the nerve center for the entire Philadelphia area. It is the most densely-populated area in the region, and the population of downtown Philly has grown by roughly 200,000 residents since 2000. Center City is home to over 43% of the jobs in Philadelphia, over 400 cultural and arts organizations, and is second only to Manhattan in population of U.S. city downtowns. And the storied institutions around Center City Philadelphia welcome more than 121,000 students to downtown Philly every year.

The First Baptist Church building is a critical piece of the fabric of our growing community.  In her walls she holds …

-some of the cities oldest daily meeting support groups including several chapters of AA and several other groups.  

-meals served to our homeless neighbors giving them a safe place to get a warm meal and a place where friendship and other helps are provided.  

-graduations and special services for several local higher education institutions

-cultural events including the performing arts and visual art exhibitions

-the Victorian Society offices

-worship services for two socially active churches in the community


Liberti Church is in active conversation and planning for several new and vital community ministries and services to be created in the near future.