First Baptist Church is the sixth oldest congregation in the United States. Liberti Church is a growing six-year-old congregation with a strong focus on community. While different in heritage and style, both faith groups share in their commitment to serving the community and preserving the rich heritage of the many activities that take place here, which include some of the oldest support groups in the city of Philadelphia, prayer services, arts events, community gatherings, and ministries to the poor and homeless in our surrounding neighborhoods.  

Our stories came together in 2012 when Liberti began renting space from First Baptist. From the onset, this was more than a rental agreement, as we soon began partnering together to make a difference in the community.  While ownership of the building shifted in September of 2014, our partnership as two churches continues today.  

The restoration of the First Baptist Church building is being overseen by the leadership of Liberti Church Center City & Main Line congregations. Our desire is to preserve the building's rich architectural beauty and expand the many ministries and community services that have happened in this place since its construction in 1899. Liberti is also providing a newly renovated chapel for the historic First Baptist Church, so that they may continue their worship and ministry here. Two churches will call this place home, and many outreach and community services are in the works as we seek to expand our care for the neighborhood.